Chocolat Movie A Romantic Comedy Set In An Old World Village

Chocolat Movie A Romantic Comedy Set In An Old World Village

Chocolat Movie is the sweetest, treat-filled movie set in an old world charming French village.  What I want you to know is the movie is about many things including chocolate!

Chocolat Movie is a 2000 romantic comedy based on the book by Joanne Harris. A woman transforms a whole village set against her because she is different and that means change. This young woman is played by Juliette Binoche as Vianne Rocher.

Each person who comes in contact with Vianne is changed, but for the better. The heart of the movie is the lives of the women in the village.

The film received five Academy Award and four Golden Globe nominations. Juliette said a deciding factor for doing the movie was chocolate because she loves it so much.

The Chocolate Movie is “medicine, magic and one taste is never enough” just like chocolate.  WARNING: This movie causes cravings for chocolate so have a stash on hand before watching.

CHOCOLAT DVD COVERChocolat starring Juliette Binoche as Vianne Rocher.  Johnny Depp is her love interest as Roux.  Alfred Molina as Count Paul de Reynaud – the mayor who tries to keep the village people under control and learns the biggest lesson of all. And many other stars. Continue Reading

Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim

Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim

Gray Paint Colors That Go With Wood Trim

Next week I am taking time off for Easter, family and projects around the house. One of the projects is painting the dining room.  I am trying to decided on just the right color.  Often times this is the hardest thing to do. We have wood trim and so many of the colors I love don’t seem to look right.

For the rest of this week I will without a doubt be going back and forth to the paint store getting samples. Husband thinks we should start with neutral gray paint colors.  To satisfy his curiosity if gray is a possibility, I set out on a quest looking for gray paint colors with wood trim photos for inspiration.

Surprisingly, the ever popular gray in the right tone does look good with wood trim.  I found inspiration on Houzz to show you how beautiful gray looks with wood trim.

Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim

1. Gray Paint Colors with Wood Trim is Sherwin Williams Unusual Gray.Continue Reading

Meet The Neighbors Linky Party

Meet The Neighbors Linky Party

~ Welcome to Meet The Neighbors Linky Party ~

Consider this your gathering place.  Are you ready to meet your neighbors?  If this is your first time here we are so happy to see you.  Welcome back to everyone else.

Meet The Neighbors Link Party

Knock, knock.  What have you been up to this week?  We can’t wait to see.Continue Reading

Tiny Yurt Cabin A Round Eight-Sided Adobe

Tiny Yurt Cabin A Round Eight-Sided Adobe

Yurt going to like seeing this tiny yurt cabin.  It comes in at 199 square feet so most counties will let you put up a tiny structure like this permit free.

This is a look at the model unit from the Octobie Company.

What can this Tiny Yurt cabin can be?

It can be a:

Guest cottage

Craft room

Gardener’s shed

Man Cave

Mom Cave- I know readers, we just talked about that one.


Home addition!

Yoga retreat

Music studio or artist studio

Really, anything you want it to be.

Tiny Yurt cabin is a Octobie; a round eight-sided adobe.

A Yurt is a portable tent-like dwelling structure. It has been used in Asia for thousands of years dating back to 484 to 424 BC.

This Yurt or Octobie is a prefab kit that is energy-efficient with insulated ceilings and walls.

Tiny Yurt Cabin A Round Eight-Sided Adobe Some of the upgrades include Hardiplank shingles, vented custom cupola with light and fan, 2 doorways; 5 foot french doors and a 3 foot regular door handy to accommodate it as an optional addition.  Plus it’s such a nice looking tiny house to have in your backyard.Continue Reading

A Seashell House In Mexico

A Seashell House In Mexico

I found a beautiful Seashell house.  The house sits on the quiet tropical island, Isla Mujeres in Mexico.  If you’re planning a trip to an island paradise, consider going to Mexico and renting this unusual home.

The Seashell house is also pretty famous. It’s been featured on HGTV and in most unusual homes.

I write about unusual houses.  As soon as I think I have seen it all, I am astonished at the next architectural wonder someone has created.

Nowhere can you say you stayed in a Seashell House and slept in the Moon Shell King Room or took a shower spraying water on you from a shell than at The Seashell House.

Seashell House History:

Architect Eduardo Ocampo who lived in Isla Mujeres with his wife wanted to build a house for his brother, Octavio Ocampo, on land he owned.  His brother, Octavio, a famous painter needed something unusual.  Eduardo became influenced by the mountains of seashells in the area and was inspired to actually build a seashell house and so this wonder was born.

A Seashell House In MexicoBehold this amazing extreme home that looks like a seashell.  It is also called Casa Caracol translated means Snail House.Continue Reading

Updated 1920s Historic Jewel Houston Texas For Sale

Updated 1920s Historic Jewel Houston Texas For Sale

Updated 1920s historic jewel of a house in Houston Texas is for sale.  This heart-pounding at first sight house will probably not be on the market for long.  It’s labeled traditional, I call it turquoise dream.

Be still my heart, I have a huge crush.  I love it from the little red bricks framing the sidewalk entrance to the adorable arched red door.

The entrance seems to be gift-wrapped upon arrival.  Whimsical curved roof lines and arched windows. Perfect porch and patio.  Detached garage with apartment/guest quarters.  It all adds up to make it one of the nicest homes.

I know you can’t wait to see inside this updated 1920s historic jewel.  It is every bit as wonderful as the outside.  Wonderful is not an adequate word.  The rooms are painted in the latest neutrals.

Updated 1920s Historic Jewel Houston Texas For SaleCan we talk about the fairytale front door in red that reminds me of the cherry in fruit cocktail everyone wants.  I call dibs on this front door.Continue Reading

Instagram and Pinterest Meet The Neighbors Social Media Share

Instagram and Pinterest Meet The Neighbors Social Media Share

~ Meet The Neighbors Social Media Instagram and Pinterest ~

It’s the first Friday of the month social media share day.  I love to find new people to follow.  Today it’s all about photo sharing on Instagram and Pinterest.

We are linking up Instagram and Pinterest accounts for following. We also invite you to link up a photo you want liked on Instagram and a pin you want pinned on Pinterest.  I am new to Instagram and still learning so if you don’t have an account yet, take some time to make one and come back so I can/we can follow you.

 Instagram and Pinterest Meet The Neighbors Social Media Share

If you are new here we welcome you and we are so glad you made it.  If you were here last week, welcome back we are elated to have you back. Continue Reading

Candy Colored Easter Egg House Hunt

Candy Colored Easter Egg House Hunt

Candy Colored Easter Egg House Hunt

Easter Egg house hunt for candy-colored houses.  This is a fun collection of pretty houses from across the land.  They are like an Easter Parade of houses.  In fact, I did an Easter Parade of Homes a few years ago too.

My Easter basket of houses are a delicious gathering of house exterior candy-colors to feast your eyes upon.

A pink beach house in Bermuda. One pink Mermaid Cottage.  Two purple Victorian ladies.  A turquoise cottage.  A blue two-story.  One yellow Bungalow.

Candy Colored Easter Egg House Hunt

Easter egg house hunt #1 - Atlanta, Georgia $275,000 Built in 1920

Two bedrooms, Two Bathrooms Historic cottage has been renovated and updated. Move-in ready New kitchen and hardwood floors throughout. Continue Reading