15 Darling DIY Christmas Angels Featured on Hometalk!

15 Darling DIY Christmas Angels Featured on Hometalk!

15 darling DIY Christmas Angels is my latest collection I clipped for a Hometalk project featuring DIY angels. For readers not familiar, Hometalk is a popular Home and Garden Hub.

As a member of Hometalk you can search for how-to projects from A to Z. Follow other home talkers, like their posts and create your own boards much in the way that Pinterest has boards.  Hometalk takes it a step further and questions and discussions are encouraged to help solve problems and inspire others.

Lastly, if you’ve done a home improvement project or for example redesigned a bedroom, as a member you can post it on Hometalk and get feedback which is rewarding after working on a special home improvement project.

Now is a perfect time to get a jump on making Christmas ornaments. 15 darling DIY Christmas Angels is dedicated to just angels. Be sure to stop by throughout the season for the how-to and find your favorite. I am sure more angles will be added as this holiday season progresses.

15 Darling DIY Christmas Angels Featured on HomeTalk!

Take a look at the 15 darling DIY Christmas Angels. Which one is your favorite? Click the photo or link and you’ll land on my DIY Christmas Angels board where you’ll find even more angels. Once there, click any angel to see more photos of the project and get the tutorial. Continue Reading

Mansion For Sale: Beautiful Home Shaped Like an X

I Want To Live Here! Beautiful Home Shaped Like an X

Mansion for sale in Lloyd Harbor, NY is a beautiful home shaped like an X. Per Zillow, Four houses set at angles make the X with an indoor pool in the middle.  The house is designed like an X to let in the most light and views of the ocean. I wanna live here, yes I do.

Mansion For Sale: Beautiful Home Shaped Like an X - Four houses set at angle with indoor pool in the centerI took the virtual tour. It’s a European Country Estate inspired from the 1800s. 380 feet of waterfront, 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 6 fireplaces. The four houses stuck together add up to 16,754 square feet.Continue Reading

Chicago’s Harriet Rees House Moving Down the Block

Chicago's Historic Harriet F. Rees House Moves One Block Away

Chicago WGN news reports the Historic Harriet Rees House is moving down the block. The landmark house is moving to make way for Mayor Emanuel’s plan to build an entertainment district around McCormick Place.

The Landmark Harriet Rees House was built in 1888 and that makes her over 120 years old. She is being relocated from 2110 S Prairie Ave to one block down at 2107 S. Prairie Ave. Prairie Avenue used to be an affluent residential area where neighbors were the likes of Marshall Field.

According to reports on WGN: “The cost of the move is 56 million dollars! Per Historian Bill Tyre who has written about the house, it is important to preserve the Rees house since Chicago lost almost 90 mansions on Prairie Ave and only 7 remain today including the Harriet Rees House.”

Chicago's Harriet Rees House Moving Down the BlockHere she is packed up and starting the one block trip to her new address.Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Holiday Food Fun and Family

Thanksgiving Holiday Food, Fun and Family

Thanksgiving Holiday Food, Fun and Family. Thanksgiving holiday is the biggest day about food, families gathering together and having fun.

I come from a large family. My memories include hosting the Thanksgiving holiday with 30 plus guests. Fast forward and Thanksgiving dinner at our house now consists of four, maybe seven people. It’s quieter, but a nice cozy gathering that I love.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and sharing. Here are some of my holiday food, fun and family ideas I got from friends of mine.

This year for our Thanksgiving holiday meal plan I am following Heather on Daily DIY Life. Her Tuesday Tips includes small steps to take for a stress free and manageable Thanksgiving meal. Thank goodness I hear Heather talking in my head as I go up and down the grocery isle. Now I’m relaxed and ready for the big day. She has a never-ending list of recipes. I plan to make her Spiced Sweet Apple Cider for guests.

Thanksgiving Holiday Food Fun and FamilyHeather has an inspiring story I know you’ll want to read on Growing up in Plymouth, MA that includes her spiced sweet apple cider recipe if you’re looking for it. Continue Reading

For Sale: Most Expensive Penthouse In Chicago

For Sale: Most Expensive Penthouse In Chicago

Chicago’s most expensive Penthouse now is this palace of a condo on prestigious Lake Shore Drive.  Here’s a glimpse of Chicago-style opulent living. Introduced by the listing agent as “the most magnificent Penthouse in the city. and “you’ve never see anything like this/” So we have to see it too. It’s a big boy with…Continue Reading

Al Capone Home In Chicago For Sale

Al Capone Home In Chicago For Sale

Al Capone house in Chicago is on the market for $225,000.  Yes, you can boast you live in an infamous mobster’s house if you buy the Al Capone former home. It’s not a nestled-in-a-gated-community type place. Just your common everyday mobster-type 2-flat in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood. Al Capone started living here in 1923…Continue Reading