Black Houses – Home Exterior Paint Ideas

Black Houses – Home Exterior Paint Ideas

A house painted black can be so beautiful.  Would you ever paint your house black?  Sure, we’ve all seen white houses with black shutters, but a black house with white trim, now that is an exterior house color to behold as you will see.


  • The color black absorbs heat so it is definitely not a color for the southern states, but if living in say, Alaska, well it just might be an added bonus to have your house black to absorb the heat from the sun in winter.  

  • The color black shows every speck of imperfection, so upkeep could be time-consuming.

  • People associate the color black on a house with death, evil, and spooky.

These are good common sense arguments for why not to paint your house black.

Not just any house can be painted black.  It has to be a certain kind of structure, like a Victorian house painted black with lots of white trim.

It’s Black Friday today, so let’s look at these black houses and see if you don’t think at least some of them are stunning.

Black Houses - Home Exterior Paint Ideas

Black shingle board house.  

Black house with shapely roof line

Unusual black house with opposing vertical siding and copper tin roofing.

Black house is lovely

Amazing black door, black-grey house exterior, and white trim and then, the white roses.  This house is sexy and looks like it has a tuxedo on.

black house with red door

Dramatic black house with red door is a cool contemporary that if not black would otherwise not be so appealing.

Dark black house with wood trim

This black house with wood trim hides itself in the forest surroundings and has been referred to as “Darth Vadar house; dark and mysterious, with a big character.” -Houzz

Black house triangle window

I am calling this house Jet Black.  Like the triangle window and slope of the roof. 

All black house by Todd Hido

Source: via Nadège on Pinterest

All black, except the garage door.  Is is spooky or ominous looking?

Black house in snow photo

Source: via MONOSQUARE on Pinterest

Black house exterior photo

Source: via Christian on Pinterest

This solid black house is ominous looking.  It’s like a solid black cat.

Solid black house

Source: via Pamela on Pinterest

Yet, this solid black house is nice.

I love, love these black houses and hope you do too.  Would you ever paint your house black?

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2 Responses to Black Houses – Home Exterior Paint Ideas

  1. Sue says:

    A beautiful painted house, I am comin over to see it.
    Sue recently posted…“The Hobbit” Movie and Hobbit HousesMy Profile

  2. hmmmm…….. very interesting question. Some of those I love and some of those I hate. The all-black Victorians just scream deathand darkness! But some of the more modern ones mixed with white trim are very attractive. I profiled a house a few months ago that had black trim wit other colors – it was very beautiful. check it out here:
    House Crazy Sarah recently posted…Mid-century stunner in Vancouver CanadaMy Profile

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