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Mortar Washed Houses

Mortar Washed Houses

Mortar washed houses.  I am gaga over Old World style homes and one technique to achieve the look is mortar washing.  It changes the appearance of exterior brick.  Here are six example houses that are mortar washed.  One house has a Pastel Cote finish with Boral bricks, another is white-washed brick, and there is an example of a lime-washed wall that gives it a vintage look.


This home for sale in Birmingham, Alabama reportedly is mortar washed over full brick and the curb appeal is soft, inviting, and earthy.  Love, love the green trim and I can stare at this house for a long time and not be bored.  Read on while I stay here and stare.

One way to achieve the look of Mortar Washed Houses per ehow, is “Brick masons mix a slurry of sand and cement to create a paste they sponge over bricks. A textured cloth, such as burlap, is rolled over the cement paste to create texture. If you have old brick on your home’s exterior and are looking for a way to refinish it instead of replacing it, or if you have brand new brick that you’d like to infuse with Old World flair, then mortar washing is an inexpensive way to add a touch of fab to your home’s facade.”  I am thinking this or something like it could be used on an out of date fireplace that is red brick with black mortar too to create the old world style inside.

This is my favorite exterior I can find to date.  Per Things That Inspire this home’s exterior was built with Boral Bricks and a special finish called Pastel Cote was applied to give it the texture and color.  Hubby wonders why the columns are white.  I think it is to tie in the bars above the windows.  More on Mortar Washed Houses……….

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Exterior House Color Ideas – Behr Paint

Exterior House Color Ideas – Behr Paint

I headed over to Home Depot for exterior house color ideas with Behr Paint. Deciding what color to paint the exterior of your house is a big decision.  Pick a paint brand you love and then explore their exterior house color ideas.  Of note, I read that yellow houses sell 80% faster than any other color of house.

Classic traditional white is never out of style.  Add deeper colors to accent doors, shutters and windows when using white.  When using light hues, also pick two other colors; one for trim and one for accents and doors.  Make one of these choices a dark color for interest to your house exterior.

Midtone exterior house colors are popular and easy on the eye.  Keep in mind the color of your roof and paving.  Midtones paired with deep accent colors add warmth and depth.  Deep rich exterior house colors reduce the mass of your house helping it to blend into its setting.  Consider how light sets on your house by paint testing sample colors on the exterior first before you buy.

Exterior House Color Ideas - Behr Paint

Body: Expedition Khaki  Trim: Toasted Marshmellow  Accent: Island Palm

Behr Paint Midtone exterior color ideaBody: Malted Milk  Scallop: Adobe Straw  Accent:  Clay Ridge

Beautiful examples of the popular warm midtone exterior house color ideas.  Your house style such as craftsman or classic traditional often dictates paint color decisions.

Behr Marquee paint ideas Charming pastels paired with rich jewel tones are perfect for cottages and Victorian house styles.  Continue Reading

White Painted Brick Exterior and a Shabby Cottage Chic Trailer

White Painted Brick Exterior and a Shabby Cottage Chic Trailer

What does white paint on brick exterior and a little tow-behind trailer turned shabby cottage chic have in common?  Penny and her husband’s painted brick exterior with white paint completely transformed their homes appearance.  And, they changed the appearance of their trailer.  When the trailer is not in use, it sits in their yard disguised as a shabby cottage.

Penny blogs at PennysTreasures (Penny’s Vintage Home).  She has a passion for decorating with pastels in her own style that is a mix of Shabby Cottage Chic, Country, and Romantic.  Penny knows how to turn trash into treasure and I mean treasure.  One such treasure is she and her husband, who she lovingly refers to as “H” in her blog, built a potting shed out of doors and windows they’ve collected over the years that could be on the cover of any Cottage magazine.

You can see the shed on her blog, but first let’s take a look into the creativity that is exclusively..Penny.  First is her brick house painted white and then we will see her shabby cottage chic trailer.

~Welcome To Penny’s World ~

We Painted our Brick! – by Penny of Penny’s Vintage Home

White Painted Brick Exterior and a Shabby Cottage Chic Trailer We painted the brick on our home and I can’t tell you how much I love the new look!

House Before and After The brick on our house was ok, but pretty dull and dated.  I had seen some new houses with painted brick,  so we did some research and decided to update our brick.  We used Valspar masonry paint from Lowes. Continue Reading

Pink Houses

Pink Houses

These pink houses don’t say I Love You on them like my Valentine’s Day Houses, but they have conjured up special memories for me.

When I was growing up I lived next door to a pink house from the time I was one year’s old up until I was 14.  My best friend lived there since she was one year’s old too.  Our houses were built exactly alike, only different colors and set on our lots in different angles.  We were the same age and experienced a lot of life together.  We both took dancing lessons and wore pink tutus and pink ballet slippers, went to fairs and amusement parks, shopped, swam, climbed trees, walked to the bus stop, and experienced boys and high school together in a way that no other friend I have had did.

Coincidentally, both our families moved at exactly the same time into larger homes and we ended up living just a few short blocks away from each other.  I remember how her house was bought by a family that had it moved to a different site in town and we took a ride one day to see it.  The new owners had not changed the color, it was still pink.

This friend of mine that lived in the pink house is gone now, so while these pink houses  have nothing to do with her, they have made me remember her in a new way.  I can say I Love You and I remember you with these pink houses.  My friend’s birthday was February 18th and I go on her Facebook wall on her birthday and write something every year now.

Here are Little Pink Houses for you and me.

Pink HousesSource: via Nancy on Pinterest

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Black Houses – Home Exterior Paint Ideas

Black Houses – Home Exterior Paint Ideas

A house painted black can be so beautiful.  Would you ever paint your house black?  Sure, we’ve all seen white houses with black shutters, but a black house with white trim, now that is a house exterior to behold as you will see.


  • The color black absorbs heat so it is definitely not a color for the southern states, but if living in say, Alaska, well it just might be an added bonus to have your house black to absorb the heat from the sun in winter.  

  • The color black shows every speck of imperfection, so upkeep could be time-consuming.

  • People associate the color black on a house with death, evil, and spooky.

These are good common sense arguments for why not to paint your house black.

Not just any house can be painted black.  It has to be a certain kind of structure, like a Victorian house painted black with lots of white trim.

Here is a look at black houses.  See if you don’t think at least some of them are stunning.  

Black Houses - Home Exterior Paint Ideas

Black paint never looked so good.  This is a beautiful black shingle board house.  

Orange Houses – Exterior House Colors

Orange Houses – Exterior House Colors

It’s almost Halloween and we are full into the fall season, if not almost done with it, so before that happens let’s look at colors of fall like the orange exterior of this Spanish style house.

A terracotta wall drenched in orange.Continue Reading

Little Yellow Houses

Little Yellow Houses

house with window boxes,

This little yellow house is my sister-in-law’s house.  She and her husband have been busy getting their home ready to sell.  Their house used to be grey and I am amazed at the transformation.  Her husband Dan made the window boxes, they installed new windows, and shutters, and while the door may look black, it is also a grey like the shutters and window boxes.

my sister-in-laws yellow house

Normally, my sweet sister-in-law has flowers surrounding the front of the home, but this year has been difficult with the extreme heat and lack of rain, so she has kept the flowers down to her little patio that is hidden between the house and garage.  And, this picture is from early July so the flowers above are now is full bloom.  Nevertheless, the landscaping is soft and frames the home so charmingly.

Their house is in Winterset, Iowa and homes are selling very well there so someone is sure to scoop up their 3 bedroom charming yellow home once they put it up for sale.  Some interesting facts about Winterset is they have John Wayne’s home where he was born, there is a famous yearly motorcycle rally, and the movie “Bridges of Madison County” was filmed in Winterset because of all the charming bridges in town.

Today, I am showing little yellow houses, much to my own delight.

 Yellow house

Source: yellow house HGTV

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