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Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon

Haunted Places in Illinois. Do you believe in ghosts?  What real haunted houses or haunted places like a bridge or cemetery have you visited this year.  I get chills up my spine and fear in my heart just hearing about all the haunts every October.

Here are three Haunted Places in Illinois.

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural PhenomenonHaunted Places in Illinois 1. The Stickney Mansion.

Read all the spooky details about the Stickney Mansion here. In a nutshell Mr. Stickney had a big belief in the spirit world and held a lot of seances with his family on the second floor ballroom. He built his home with no corners so spirits could roam and not get caught in corners. No 90 degree angles can be found between any walls.

Stickney and his wife had 10 children, but only 3 lived. I think they held seances as a way to contact the children they lost.  The mansion is now a police station. Two policemen have quit their jobs because of spooky events like hearing noises and footsteps coming from the old ballroom seance room.  Yipes! Click to read the whole story here.

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon Haunted Places in Illinois 2. Allerton Mansion.

The mansion has a prim and proper woman dressed in white who haunts the house and grounds.  She is seen putting on her hat and gloves and walking in the garden. Creepily, everyone who stays there hears footsteps pacing outside their door and when they check there is nothing there.

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon Haunted Places in Illinois 3. Hotel Baker.

Hotel Baker in St. Charles, IL is where Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg were married this year. Jenny McCarthy’s roots are in Chicago. Wonder if she told Donnie Hotel Baker is haunted?

Reports are of strange moaning sounds coming from the sixth floor storage area where employees used to stay. The tale is that in the 1970s a hotel chambermaid who was left at the alter committed suicide by drowning herself in the Fox River the hotel borders.

There are a lot of weddings at Hotel Baker. I’ve attended two weddings there and love their famous floor that lights up like a rainbow.


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Stickney Mansion in Illinois is Haunted

Stickney Mansion in Illinois is said to be a haunted house.  News reports say “over the years, two men who carry a badge and gun” have quit their jobs over the supernatural events.”  That may be because the Stickney Mansion is now where the Village of Bull Valley and its police department are housed.  Yipes, I wouldn’t want to work there.

As early as 2005 the Bull Valley Police Chief, Norbert Sauers, described paranormal happenings at the Stickney Mansion.  He said the village employees have heard noises that defy explanation like hearing footsteps in the upper ballroom that is used for storage.

Why is hearing foot steps in the ballroom creepy?  The original owner George Stickney had a belief in spiritualism.  He went so far as to build the mansion with no corners so spirits could roam about and not get caught in corners.  There were no 90 degree angles between walls.  Fast forward and today the only round corners are on the exterior.

Stickney Mansion in Illinois is Hauntedwikimedia commons

It’s creepy hearing noises coming from the storage room because George Stickney and his family held seances on the second floor ballroom.  They had ten children and only three survived into adulthood.  Having seances may be how they tried to communicate with their lost children. Continue Reading

Villisca Ax Murder House is Haunted by Evil

Villisca Ax Murder House is Haunted by Evil

Villisca Ax Murder House in Iowa is haunted by evil.  It may be one of the few authentic haunted houses.  Listen, I am not a serious believer in ghosts haunting houses, but after reading about the history of the Villisca Ax Murder house and seeing paranormal investigator videos, I have been turned.  I got chills up my spine and fear in my heart.

So then, if it is truly an evil entity that inhabits the house, I think “the house” should be destroyed, yes knock it down!

Wouldn’t that be the best way to rid Villisca, Iowa of its evil dweller and horrible murder memories the towns people endure?  The Ax Murder House has been renovated and put on the National Registry of Historic Buildings, because you see, the gruesome Ax Murders took place on June 12, 1912 some 100+ years ago.

Villisca Ax Murder House is Haunted by Evil

The Crime: 6 Children and 2 Adults were Bludgeoned To Death with an Axe! Sometime just after midnight someone entered the J.B. Moore house and brutally murdered all occupants of the house with an axe. Continue Reading

Haunted House Dollhouse

A Haunted House Dollhouse.  I did not even know such a thing existed until I happened upon Greenleaf Dollhouses where they feature this Haunted House Dollhouse you can buy and spook it up to your delight.  Let your imagination run wild.  Craft sticks for the scary fence were used along with scary furniture.

Haunted House Dollhouse: Spooky Front View

Greenleaf DollhousesContinue Reading

Witches Haunted House

Witches Haunted House

Haunted house ghost hunt

The haunted house – ghost hunt continues.  This crickety house was built for the Housekaboodle House Witch to live in during the Halloween, spooky, and ghostly month of October so she can keep an eye on you.  She is watching……….

plus, she is eating fun-sized candy bars behind the upper windows.  Witches gotta eat too ya know.

Historic Haunted Houses – My Ghost Hunt

Historic Haunted Houses – My Ghost Hunt

It is time for Haunted Houses and Ghost Hunting.

Haunted House photoThe Farnam mansion below is located in the city of Oneida, New York and has a rich and interesting history.  The original owner is the namesake of the house, Stephen Head Farnam.  He was a successful businessman and died in the house in 1897 of a stroke.  Then, a few years after his death, his widowed second wife, Sarah, sold the mansion to Mary Dyer Jackson who was an early women’s suffrage movement activist.  She was famous for submitting a petition to legislature for women to have the right to vote.  But, she sold the house after just 5 short months and people spread rumors that spirits were why Mary Dyer Jackson sold the house so soon.  Then, a doctor and his wife bought the house and it was while down in the basement in his lab that the doctor had a heart attack.  Following that, two more people bought, lived in, and died in the house up to the 1980s. 

Historic Farnam Mansion

Source: Creative Commons Wikimedia

Finally, it was turned into a Bed and Breakfast.  The current owners, The Gray’s, renovated the mansion to its former glory and it is now a Dark Shadows themed Bed and Breakfast called the Collinwood Inn for paranormal investigators and ghost-hunters, who have reported supposed spirit activity.  

If any house is reported to be “Haunted“, it is not a house I want to visit at night.  

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For I am a scaredy-cat.  Continue Reading