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Turquoise colored house exterior and turquoise interior decor

Turquoise Barbie House

Turquoise Barbie House

Turquoise Barbie House, Turquoise Cloud: How nice to be floating up there, bobbing along in tranquil skies, somewhere….on a turquoise cloud.

Have you ever made up a house and all of its contents inside your head before, like your dram house?  Take a tour in this pretend turquoise and white house put together just for the fun of it.

I love turquoise as you probably guessed by my blog colors so a house that is turquoise inside and out is what is being shown here today.  Along with the turquoise Barbie house, I am showing a turquoise kitchen.  A wonderful eat-in area that is my favorite.  Turquoise furniture like the ottoman and a crescent-shaped chair and vanities.  A bright looking office, sun room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and porches.  There are some great inspirational color decorating ideas to see too.

Turquoise Barbie House The house exterior is turquoise as is everything inside of it; pretending of course!  This is my big girl Turquoise Barbie house where Barbie is OCD for turquoise.

turquoiseTurquoise Barbie house heaven.  You might guess that I like this color by my blog color.Continue Reading