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Colorful Floating Home in Eastlake Seattle

Colorful Floating Home in Eastlake Seattle

Colorful floating home in Eastlake Seattle for sale. Would you live in a floating home? So many people do especially in highly desirable Eastlake, Seattle. If you’re a fan you know I like to feature houseboats and floating homes. It’s an unobtainable dream of mine to live in Seattle in a floating home. I think they are whimsical.

This is a cute two bedroom home full of color inside and out. It’s a bit cluttered decor-wise for my taste. Full of a lot of color for stimulation that is just what we need this time of year. Today, house-peeping this floating home is like going on a micro-vacation. Let’s go.

Colorful Floating Home in Eastlake SeattleNo grass to cut so lots of potted plants. I just love it when floating homes and houseboats are painted bright whimsical colors like this pink.

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Storybook Cottage For Sale in Carmel

Storybook Cottage For Sale in Carmel

Storybook cottage for sale in Carmel, CA may be just what you’re looking for. It has adorable heart cut-out shutters in a calming shade of green that screams Carmel cottage.

The little two bedroom cottage is close to all the charm of downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea and is ready for new owners that in a just world would be me or you too of course.

This is an adorable storybook cottage for sale packed into 870 square feet of cottage ambiance. Not too small and not big at all.  The Carmel cottage is just right for singles, a couple starting out, or new small family.

Storybook Cottage For Sale in Carmel

A lot of homes in Carmel like this storybook cottage for sale have a Hansel and Gretel type charm to the house with meandering pathway entrances and fairytale landscaping. Continue Reading

Mansion For Sale: Beautiful Home Shaped Like an X

I Want To Live Here! Beautiful Home Shaped Like an X

Mansion for sale in Lloyd Harbor, NY is a beautiful home shaped like an X. Per Zillow, Four houses set at angles make the X with an indoor pool in the middle.  The house is designed like an X to let in the most light and views of the ocean. I wanna live here, yes I do.

Mansion For Sale: Beautiful Home Shaped Like an X - Four houses set at angle with indoor pool in the centerI took the virtual tour. It’s a European Country Estate inspired from the 1800s. 380 feet of waterfront, 8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 6 fireplaces. The four houses stuck together add up to 16,754 square feet.Continue Reading

For Sale: Most Expensive Penthouse In Chicago

For Sale: Most Expensive Penthouse In Chicago

Chicago’s most expensive Penthouse now is this palace of a condo on prestigious Lake Shore Drive.  Here’s a glimpse of Chicago-style opulent living.

Introduced by the listing agent as “the most magnificent Penthouse in the city. and “you’ve never see anything like this/” So we have to see it too.

It’s a big boy with 5 bedrooms, 5.1 baths and a whopping 7,662 square feet of city living space.

I know some readers who love big city life, so this is for you and cottage country lovers, here’s a peep at the other side of town. This Penthouse in Chicago has 13 rooms and the details looks like 6 terraces, but I can’t be sure.

If you have a crazy amount of money and want to live the life of luxury this is it.

189 East LAKE SHORE Drive Unit PH18-20

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Pretty Purple Victorian Painted Lady

Pretty Purple Victorian Painted Lady

Pretty Purple Painted Lady in Napa, California is a Victorian blast from the past. Plus, it’s purple and as such is well-known in the Napa area.  A bit pricey, but it’s Napa, so $1,275,000 please.

Fun Coldwell Banker details suggest this Victorian Painted Lady is a trip to the past. Entrance has pink iron gate. Then stroll past the blooming country garden and knock on a pink door with original leaded glass. Once you enter if you’re swooning at all the beauty there’s a fainting room and couch to fall upon.

Window to spy on the neighbors without being seen, and a vintage black dial corded phone.  Add to that, ornate etched windows and blingy chandeliers and we’ve got Victorian Painted Lady heaven.

Pour a cup of tea, lift your pinky finger and take the tour.

Pretty Painted Victorian Painted LadyI’m happy right here with the exterior.

Original leaded glass front doorOriginal leaded glass front door on this one-of-a-kind home. Not so many doors have mail slots anymore or lion knockers for that matter.Continue Reading

Restored Old House For Sale: Darling 1921 Cottage

Looking At An Eye-Popping Red Cottage in Florida

Look at this restored old house for sale that now looks brand new, but with all the charms of old world style.  Once your head stops reeling, soak up all the details about this darling Naples, Florida cottage.

It’s got an eye-popping red and white exterior accented by a bright blue awning, but wait until you get a load of the interior!

This restored old house for sale is hailed as “a prominent and rare opportunity to own a famed historic cottage in the heart of Old Naples.”

Everything has been updated and nothing looks old or outdated at all!

Plus, if you visit me often, one of my favorites; a one bedroom, one bathroom, vaulted wood-beamed ceiling, screened porch, full kitchen….Guest House!!

Well it’s not a completely restored old house. There’s a new pool pavillion with all the party necessities like an outdoor kitchen and island-style bar of course because this is beachy Florida peeps.

Restored Old House For Sale: Darling 1921 Cottage Gosh I love the look of this easy living beach style house.  Do you adore all the space and color on the walls like I do?  I especially like the heart in the hutch, all the shutters, and double french doors. Continue Reading

Real Estate RoundUp: A Storybook Cottage and More

Real Estate RoundUp: A Storybook Cottage and More

Real Estate roundup.  Here are 3 homes that caught my attention this week or sent to me by fans.

Real Estate Roundup #1.

A storybook cottage in a place I would not expect, Minneapolis, MN. Castles in the air come true.  It looks just like an idyllic Thomas Kinkade paradise home.

Whimsical rounded cedar shingle roof. As wonderful to see from the front as the back. Just two bedrooms and circa 1921. Real Estate RoundUp: A Storybook Cottage and MoreThis dreamy home comes to us from Great Homes and Destinations on NYTimes where you can see more interior photos of the cottage along with other homes featured as “Homes for $750,000″, which is exactly the price of this house.

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Golden Storybook Cottage In Carmel By The Sea

Come See This Little Yellow Storybook Cottage

Golden storybook cottage in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.  The minute my eyes caught a glimpse I knew a Once Upon a Time dream home had been found.

I don’t live in California and I’m a little short of cash on the asking price.  No matter, she is stuck in my heart.  I have to share this storybook cottage with you.

Sothebys Homes calls her a precious Carmel cottage.  I call her a charming little yellow cottage. Little yellow houses on HK is a popular post.  People love homes like today’s golden storybook cottage.

Some of the charming details include: “This house is behind a picket fence in the heart of Carmel. A secret hideaway downstairs.  French doors to outside.”

Just reading about this yellow cottage makes me smile and I bet you will too when you see inside. I love the golden brick fireplace, sweet cottage kitchen and shutters flanking the dining area. Find out what you like too.

Golden Storybook Cottage In Carmel By The SeaThis is a happy place that makes me feel lively.  The whimsical banisters and arbors frame the homes welcoming entrance perfectly.Continue Reading