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View famous TV & Movie homes that have a starring role as set locations from popular TV shows and movies.

Sleepless In Seattle Houseboat on Lake Union

Famous Sleepless In Seattle Houseboat!

I have exciting news. The Sleepless in Seattle houseboat just sold!

It’s one of the most popular houseboats on Lake Union.  Iconic and forever famous for starring in the Sleepless In Seattle film.

An acquaintance who used to live near Lake Union said to buy a houseboat on Lake Union means to “get on a waiting list.”

Money talks.  Interested new owners likely had a nice greeting…right this way (my take) and now…

The keys to the famous houseboat where Meg Ryan stalked Tom Hanks were handed over for a little over 2 million per PSBJ

It was on the market in 2008 for 2.5 million. I briefly posted about it along with a few other houseboats in Houseboats in Seattle.

Designs have changed since 1993 when the film came out. The Sleepless in Seattle houseboat has been remodeled, but the exterior of the houseboat looks the same as it did in the movie.

Sleepless In Seattle Houseboat on Lake Union I have so many favorite scenes from the movie. Do you remember the one where Tom Hanks (Sam) had a scene with his real-life wife Rita Wilson?  She plays his sister Suzy in the movie.  Sam and Suzy’s husband hysterically mock Wilson (Suzy) for being emotional about the movie An Affair To Remember. Continue Reading

Come See The Real Life As We Know It House

Come See The Real Life As We Know It House

I am smitten with the real Life As We Know It house from the 2010 romantic dramedy.  The house sits in Atlanta, Georgia and is beautifully landscaped.

Built in 1945, the home details say it was completely renovated.  It’s a house for a big family.  Five bedrooms, five full and two half-baths, and five fireplaces. Arched doorways and double french doors to porch.  Large gourmet kitchen with two dishwashers.

If you fell in love with the house in the film, you’re going to fall in love with the real Life As We Know It house too.

I have a Life As We Know It movie post from 2012.  It details the movie plot. I share screen shots showing the movie set decorating, scenes from the film and exterior screen shots of the house.  The interior of the house for the film was a movie set, but exterior house scenes were filmed at the Atlanta, Georgia house. Come See The Real Life As We Know It HouseGorgeous southern Atlanta, Georgia home famous for starring in a movie, but even without that extra status would probably be famous on its own architectural beauty on the street where it lives.scene from Life As We Know It movieThe house as it appeared in the film had two trees.  The Life As We Know It real house now has one tree in the front yard or maybe it is just the angle of the real estate photo.  (See all the photos of the movie house at the bottom of the post and help me figure out if a tree is missing.)

The landscaping has also changed with lower bushes around the front door.  I spot a trellis on the real house added between the two windows on the far right and all kinds of new bushes and ground cover.Continue Reading

Money Pit Movie House For Sale

Money Pit Movie House For Sale

The famous iconic Money Pit movie house is on the market.  The real Money Pit movie house is more gorgeous inside than I could have imagined.

It’s exciting news that this mansion called Northway House is for sale.  New readers may not know I have a post about The Money Pit movie house, the film, and this real Money Pit movie house.  It’s a fun post with historical details about the house if you have time to check it out.

The house is in Lattingtown, NY in the Long Island Sound area.  It’s a Federal style home I thought was built in 1906, but the listing dates it further back to 1898.

In the movie Walter and Anne were scammed by a real estate agent to buy it as a million dollar distress sale.  No distress here, the real Money Pit movie house has been extensively renovated!  Shawn Elliot Luxury Homes has the listing.  Some of the impressive details include an imported 500-year-old French fireplace!

Money Pit Movie House For Sale

It’s on 5.5 acres and the gated entrance leads down a quarter-mile-long rhododendron-lined drive.  The Money Pit comedy came out in 1986 by Steven Spielberg starring Tom Hanks and Shelly Long.Continue Reading

The Wonder Years Stole My Heart

The Wonder Years TV series stole my heart like millions of other fans in 1988 through 1993.

I remember Mama..

I remember striped bell-bottom pants and paisley shirts and..

I remember The Wonder Years.

I really did love and adore watching this show each week.

The good old days of strict fathers and the everyday life of growing up in a typical American suburb.  The show depicted the years 1968-1973.  On the show, Kevin was 12 when we first met him and by the time of the finale he was 17.

The Wonder Years shook up social media last week posting selfies to promote the upcoming, soon to be released “The Wonder Years” DVDs.


This is the best news since the creation of Wonder Bread or something along those lines.

Oh what joy to go back in time and relive the late 60s and early 70s with Kevin Arnold, played by Fred Savage.  If I had a tween or teen, I would rush to buy the DVD in a Chicago minute, which is where Fred Savage is from, so take that New York.

The Wonder Years Stole My Heartwikimedia commons

Back then: Fred Savage in 1989 at rehearsal for the 41st Emmy Awards.  Now: Fred is a director, married and has three children.Continue Reading

Portlandia Real TV House on Rent It Out Episode

Portlandia Real TV House on Rent It Out Episode

Portlandia comedy series streams on Netflix and Amazon. The real house featured in an episode skit entitled Rent It Out is a funky artistic cottage in Portland.

The house reportedly was filmed for Season 3 on Portlandia in front of the “2 car garage converted into a ceramics studio.”  I did not find reference to Season 3, but I found a YouTube skit from Season 4 that shows the Portlandia characters Carrie and Fred standing in front of the real TV house ceramics studio.

If you wonder how to get your own house on TV, read Chicago Locations Scout Can Put Your Home On The Big Screen.

This now famous Portlandia house is on the market for $350,000.

Some listing details include “living room is huge with 4 foot skylight, 18 foot curved south and west-facing bay window, fireplace and bamboo floors.  Two large bedrooms.  Master has walk in closet and french doors to garden + studio. Greenhouse storage behind and deck that goes out to garden.  Big sun porch in the back that is almost 2 stories leading to the basement.”  

Portlandia Real TV House on Rent It Out EpisodeListed as an artsy Bungalow Cottage it has a lot of color going on to say the least.

Continue Reading

Chocolat Movie A Romantic Comedy Set In An Old World Village

Chocolat Movie A Romantic Comedy Set In An Old World Village

Chocolat Movie is the sweetest, treat-filled movie set in an old world charming French village.  What I want you to know is the movie is about many things including chocolate!

Chocolat Movie is a 2000 romantic comedy based on the book by Joanne Harris. A woman transforms a whole village set against her because she is different and that means change. This young woman is played by Juliette Binoche as Vianne Rocher.

Each person who comes in contact with Vianne is changed, but for the better. The heart of the movie is the lives of the women in the village.

The film received five Academy Award and four Golden Globe nominations. Juliette said a deciding factor for doing the movie was chocolate because she loves it so much.

The Chocolate Movie is “medicine, magic and one taste is never enough” just like chocolate.  WARNING: This movie causes cravings for chocolate so have a stash on hand before watching.

CHOCOLAT DVD COVERChocolat starring Juliette Binoche as Vianne Rocher.  Johnny Depp is her love interest as Roux.  Alfred Molina as Count Paul de Reynaud – the mayor who tries to keep the village people under control and learns the biggest lesson of all. And many other stars. Continue Reading

Iron Man Movie House – Not

Iron Man Movie House – Not

Iron Man 3 has been out on cable and satellite.  My husband loves all things action movie like Spider Man, Batman, RoboCop, you get the picture. He doesn’t often order extra movies to watch, but after we watched Iron Man 3 he ordered the first sequel to experience it again.  He suggested I do the movie house. Guess what?  There is no real Iron Man movie house.  A huge disappointment, I know.

The real Iron Man movie house it seems is digitized into the cliffs of “Point Dume in Malibu” – via Wikipeida.  The interior of the Tony Stark house was a set.

There are some articles about a look-a-like home that was for sale in the affluent La Jolla community of San Diego, California called The Razor Residence.

The Iron Man look-a-like Razor Residence is a glass and concrete estate set high on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean like Tony Stark’s house in the movie.

Iron Man Movie House - Not Iron Man 2008 movie house screen shot.

Iron Man movie house 2013 screenshotScreen shot of the Iron Man 2013 movie house complete with helicopter pad and cliff side pool. Continue Reading

Mary Tyler Moore me

Mary Tyler Moore me

Mary Tyler Moore me.  Like The Mary Tyler Moore TV show, I rented an upper apartment in a house when I was a single 20 something (but Mary was in her 30s).  I had a landlady downstairs, but no upstairs neighbor named Rhoda or any upstairs neighbor, it was just….me.

Mary Tyler Moore rented a studio apartment, but unlike her my Mary Tyler Moore me apartment had a bedroom with a good-sized walk-in closet, living room, dining room and nice sized eat-in kitchen.  The bathroom had a claw foot tub I used to soak in a lot that especially hit the spot in the winter after work.  The bathroom also had a large vintage single basin sink.  One of my favorite features was a built-in buffet just outside the bathroom and along the kitchen.

Since it was this old Victorian type house divided in two, the living room and dining room had closets in them left from no doubt the original bedrooms.  I was young and had storage galore.

Mary Tyler Moore - meI took a ride by to take a look at her.  She has seen better days but for me will always be my special Mary Tyler Moore me apartment.  I am still investigating, but I think the house may be abandoned or up for historical preservation.  There is a large historical area in town, but this house location is just shy of that area so I am not sure.

On the second level, the three windows on the far right was my kitchen window where my table sat.  The next window to the left was the window to my dining room. Continue Reading