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Chicago’s Harriet Rees House Moving Down the Block

Chicago's Historic Harriet F. Rees House Moves One Block Away

Chicago WGN news reports the Historic Harriet Rees House is moving down the block. The landmark house is moving to make way for Mayor Emanuel’s plan to build an entertainment district around McCormick Place.

The Landmark Harriet Rees House was built in 1888 and that makes her over 120 years old. She is being relocated from 2110 S Prairie Ave to one block down at 2107 S. Prairie Ave. Prairie Avenue used to be an affluent residential area where neighbors were the likes of Marshall Field.

According to reports on WGN: “The cost of the move is 56 million dollars! Per Historian Bill Tyre who has written about the house, it is important to preserve the Rees house since Chicago lost almost 90 mansions on Prairie Ave and only 7 remain today including the Harriet Rees House.”

Chicago's Harriet Rees House Moving Down the Block Here she is packed up and starting the one block trip to her new address.Continue Reading

Tiny Bungalow House Is Acorn Sized

Fun Nut-Sized Florida Bungalow

Tiny Bungalow house is a little acorn of a home nestled in Hyde Park North, one of Florida’s oldest neighborhoods.

Fun little nut-size of a house is only 388 square feet.

This tiny Bungalow house is completely renovated and waiting for a new owner.

423 S Orleans Ave

Tampa, Florida

1 bedroom, 1 bath

A whopping $199,999 asking price since this neighborhood is up and coming!

Perfect place for a single gal or guy to make a nest.  Not crammed into an apartment, condo, or townhouse.

Tin roof, white picket fenced yard, and a porch to perch upon.

I’m not saying she is priced just right or selling her.  My head turns and does a double-take when I see a tiny Bungalow, that’s all.

Kind of like a shotgun house, but you can’t shoot straight through.  She is not the best looking girl I’ve dragged home to the blog, but we have to see her because she is wittle.

Tiny Bungalow House Is Like A Little Acorn

She is tiny and waiting for someone to love her.  What do you want to do?  I want to give the fence a fresh coat of white, hang a wreath, and add a chair.  Would you leave her this color or paint a different color?  She has mad potential.Continue Reading

The American Dream -The Little Houses That Could

The American Dream to Own a House is Still Out There!

The American Dream to own a house is not lost.  With a little searching and patience, we can find homes to buy to call our own.

They don’t have to cost a quarter million dollars.

The American Dream is not dead! Don’t believe it, don’t get discouraged!

There is a house out there just waiting for you to love them.  Maybe they need some fixing up.  Maybe they need a lot of fixing up.  Look past the outdated kitchen cabinets, they can be repainted a beautiful color or pristine white.

Perhaps they’re too close to town or not far enough away from town. Whatever the case, we all start somewhere.

Here are some little houses that could.  They could be your American Dream come true with some tender loving care.  Some of them are all set to go. The American Dream -The Little Houses That Could This little Victorian that could be you American Dream is in Spokane, Washington for $89,900

Victorian on a Corner Lot

4 Bedrooms

New Roof and paint, high ceilings

Lush landscaping.Continue Reading

10 Teeny Tiny Houses With Big Style

10 Teeny Tiny Houses With Big Style

Today is a fun look at 10 teeny tiny houses with big style.  As soon as I think I’ve seen all the tiny house styles, I find more.  Small space living is such a popular alternative house choice these days.  There seems to be a new company designing them every year.

We can now see even more little boxes starring in a new reality TV show called, Tiny House Nation, that’s all about tiny houses.

If you haven’t seen my Tiny Houses list page, head over to see other houses after the tour.  All of today’s tiny houses are from a site I often visit called Houzz.

Tiny Shabby Studio

10 Teeny Tiny Houses With Big Style
By My Shabby Streamside Studio. I think this is everyone’s fairytale come true studio.  If I ever build a tiny house, I want it to look something like this.

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HGTV Rehab Addict Star Says Save This Historic Minneapolis Home

HGTV Rehab Addict Star Says Save This Historic Minneapolis Home

HGTV Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis, host of the home improvement DIY channel show, wants to save this old house in Minneapolis, Minnesota. So do many people in the neighborhood.

HGTV Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis told Fox 9 News “The entire structure of the original house is still there.  Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s not valuable anymore.” Even with a popular HGTV star fighting to save this old house it is destined to be torn down.

The owner has tried to sell the home and a developer wants to buy it and the house next to it and build a four-story 45 unit complex.

Since the house was built in 1893 by master builder T.P. Healy, many locals have fought to keep the house for its historical value. HGTV Rehab Addict Nicole Curtis even offered to buy the house for $400,000, but was outbid by the developer.

HGTV Rehab Addict Star Says Save This Historic Minneapolis Home Minneapolis Post photo by Karen Boros

Currently it is split up inside and is a boarding house with not much of the original historical trappings still intact.  The exterior shell is there so I agree it could be beautifully restored. Continue Reading

Tiny Yurt Cabin A Round Eight-Sided Adobe

Tiny Yurt Cabin A Round Eight-Sided Adobe

Yurt going to like seeing this tiny yurt cabin.  It comes in at 199 square feet so most counties will let you put up a tiny structure like this permit free.

This is a look at the model unit from the Octobie Company.

What can this Tiny Yurt cabin can be?

It can be a:

Guest cottage

Craft room

Gardener’s shed

Man Cave

Mom Cave- I know readers, we just talked about that one.


Home addition!

Yoga retreat

Music studio or artist studio

Really, anything you want it to be.

Tiny Yurt cabin is a Octobie; a round eight-sided adobe.

A Yurt is a portable tent-like dwelling structure. It has been used in Asia for thousands of years dating back to 484 to 424 BC.

This Yurt or Octobie is a prefab kit that is energy-efficient with insulated ceilings and walls.

Tiny Yurt Cabin A Round Eight-Sided Adobe Some of the upgrades include Hardiplank shingles, vented custom cupola with light and fan, 2 doorways; 5 foot french doors and a 3 foot regular door handy to accommodate it as an optional addition.  Plus it’s such a nice looking tiny house to have in your backyard.Continue Reading

House Style Sampler

House Style Sampler

House Style sampler.  A round-up of house style homes from a different perspective.  Sometimes I like to take a look back and remember houses I have done in the past.  Blast from the past. I like to do real estate sampler posts.  House style sampler seemed like a fun way to spotlight features of homes in a poetic way.

Some houses have sand…

some houses inspire ideas…

and some houses are different…..

If you visit me often you’ve no doubt seen these lovelies before. If your old or new here, enjoy this look at a beach house style, cottage, unusual house style, and million dollar house style that are just some of my picks.

House Style Sampler Some houses have sand…

like Billy Joel’s house for sale in Sagaponack. Continue Reading

Mortar Washed Houses

Mortar Washed Houses

Mortar washed houses.  I am gaga over Old World style homes and one technique to achieve the look is mortar washing.  It changes the appearance of exterior brick.  Here are six example houses that are mortar washed.  One house has a Pastel Cote finish with Boral bricks, another is white-washed brick, and there is an example of a lime-washed wall that gives it a vintage look.


This home for sale in Birmingham, Alabama reportedly is mortar washed over full brick and the curb appeal is soft, inviting, and earthy.  Love, love the green trim and I can stare at this house for a long time and not be bored.  Read on while I stay here and stare.

One way to achieve the look of Mortar Washed Houses per ehow, is “Brick masons mix a slurry of sand and cement to create a paste they sponge over bricks. A textured cloth, such as burlap, is rolled over the cement paste to create texture. If you have old brick on your home’s exterior and are looking for a way to refinish it instead of replacing it, or if you have brand new brick that you’d like to infuse with Old World flair, then mortar washing is an inexpensive way to add a touch of fab to your home’s facade.”  I am thinking this or something like it could be used on an out of date fireplace that is red brick with black mortar too to create the old world style inside.

This is my favorite exterior I can find to date.  Per Things That Inspire this home’s exterior was built with Boral Bricks and a special finish called Pastel Cote was applied to give it the texture and color.  Hubby wonders why the columns are white.  I think it is to tie in the bars above the windows.  More on Mortar Washed Houses……….

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