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Ranch Style House Time Traveler

Ranch Style House Time Traveler

Ranch style house time traveler.  I wanted to do a post on a ranch style house and for some reason Sears catalog homes sold through the mail popped into my brain.  Per Wikipedia, in 1908, Sears issued its first catalog for houses called Book of Modern Homes and Building Plans.  Their first order was filled in 1909.  The banger for today’s home buyer is that back then the catalog featured 22 styles ranging in price from $650-$2,500.   Their early mortgage loans were usually for 5-15 years at 6% to 7% interest.  Sears production hit its peak in 1929 with the least expensive model under $1000 and the highest priced under $4,400.  Not featured in this post, but of note, Bungalows were the nation’s biggest selling model for Sears.

I am putting Buy a Sears Home on my list of things to do as a time traveler.  I will go back in time and buy a Sears catalog ranch home for $4,400, put it in my name or a relative’s name (left to me in their will) and when I am born I will already have a paid-for-house to go live in at my leisure.  La-De-Da.

Twenties 2 Bedroom Country Cottage Self BuildI would pay them cash.  But wait no, how am I going to pay cash when all I have is coins and paper dollars dating in the 2000s.  Oh sure, I can find quarters and dimes and pennies from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and maybe the 50s, but that is just not going to work.  They won’t take my cash from the future!

I am doomed as a time traveler unless I can switch out my current cash for cash dating from the day of purchase; oh let’s say 1928.  I could find someone with a coin collection in the here and now and buy it and get the money that way.

Would a coin collection from 1928 be too expensive to buy today for the exchange of a $4, 400 Sears house from the past?  Maybe gold, that’s it, I will take pure gold.  These are my time-traveler dilemmas to work out first before I buy my Sears catalog house from the past.

Okay, I got that out of my system.  Let’s get back to the point and look at some ranch style homes.

Ranch house in Laguna CaliforniaToday there are many Baby Boomers that would just love a ranch style houe.  No more climbing the stairs unless there is an elevator.  This  Ranch is by Laguna Niguel Real Estate from flickr and is in Laguna, California which is a wonderful place to be a ranch.

Ranch in PortlandFrom Portland Urban Condos Linda Jeffers on flickr stating it is a typical ranch style house in the West Hills of Portland.

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