Napa Farmhouse Style Home In California

Napa Farmhouse Style Home In California

I found a Napa Farmhouse Style home in California built new in 2013, but looks like it is centuries years old style-wise.

The listing details say “the Farmhouse borrows from 19th century home plans, but adds modern elements.”

I took a ride with Google street view and the neighborhood this home sits within is delightful with colorful to-die-for California homes everywhere.

This gorgeous from top to bottom Napa Farmhouse style home is on a corner lot at 743 29th St in Manhattan Beach, California.

Big on style and 3,800 square feet of room.

5 Bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and the listing says this “home has no equal in Manhattan Beach.”

It’s on the market for the pricey California amount of $4.2 million. While researching I found Hooked on Houses featured it back in April so it’s been for sale for a while.  MBConfidential posted a video home tour and states the Farmhouse was “Home of the Week” by the Los Angeles Times back is April as well. Napa Farmhouse Style Home In CaliforniaWrap around porch envy with all the details anyone could want.  I am dazzled by the interior.  There are so many rooms, yet looking at this house it does not seem like it is that large.Continue Reading

Man Cave - Hunting Camp Style

Man Cave of cabins and antlers and other hunter things that go bump in the night.

Today I’m sharing some not ready for prime time photos of my husband’s family hunting camp.

It’s a change from my usual home tour. Hang onto your britches or get your pantyhose tied into a knot.

Most man caves we see online are beautiful creations in basements, sheds or garages.  I do have a Man Cave Pinterest board that shows these beauties places.

Today’s man cave is really a hunting camp way up north, deep in the woods where they say “Eh?” and “How boat it?!” Here, they eat pasties and carry fishing rods and bows in their trucks. Where flannel is still king. They wore neon and camouflage before it was popular.

Here’s a reality dose of man cave, hunting camp style.

Man Cave : Cabins and Antlers

The beer cans are a long time collection of the owner’s son.
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Golden Storybook Cottage In Carmel By The Sea

Come See This Little Yellow Storybook Cottage

Golden storybook cottage in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.  The minute my eyes caught a glimpse I knew a Once Upon a Time dream home had been found.

I don’t live in California and I’m a little short of cash on the asking price.  No matter, she is stuck in my heart.  I have to share this storybook cottage with you.

Sothebys Homes calls her a precious Carmel cottage.  I call her a charming little yellow cottage. Little yellow houses on HK is a popular post.  People love homes like today’s golden storybook cottage.

Some of the charming details include: “This house is behind a picket fence in the heart of Carmel. A secret hideaway downstairs.  French doors to outside.”

Just reading about this yellow cottage makes me smile and I bet you will too when you see inside. I love the golden brick fireplace, sweet cottage kitchen and shutters flanking the dining area. Find out what you like too.

Golden Storybook Cottage In Carmel By The SeaThis is a happy place that makes me feel lively.  The whimsical banisters and arbors frame the homes welcoming entrance perfectly.Continue Reading

Tiny Bungalow House Is Acorn Sized

Fun Nut-Sized Florida Bungalow

Tiny Bungalow house is a little acorn of a home nestled in Hyde Park North, one of Florida’s oldest neighborhoods.

Fun little nut-size of a house is only 388 square feet.

This tiny Bungalow house is completely renovated and waiting for a new owner.

423 S Orleans Ave

Tampa, Florida

1 bedroom, 1 bath

A whopping $199,999 asking price since this neighborhood is up and coming!

Perfect place for a single gal or guy to make a nest.  Not crammed into an apartment, condo, or townhouse.

Tin roof, white picket fenced yard, and a porch to perch upon.

I’m not saying she is priced just right or selling her.  My head turns and does a double-take when I see a tiny Bungalow, that’s all.

Kind of like a shotgun house, but you can’t shoot straight through.  She is not the best looking girl I’ve dragged home to the blog, but we have to see her because she is wittle.

Tiny Bungalow House Is Like A Little Acorn

She is tiny and waiting for someone to love her.  What do you want to do?  I want to give the fence a fresh coat of white, hang a wreath, and add a chair.  Would you leave her this color or paint a different color?  She has mad potential.Continue Reading

The American Dream -The Little Houses That Could

The American Dream to Own a House is Still Out There!

The American Dream to own a house is not lost.  With a little searching and patience, we can find homes to buy to call our own.

They don’t have to cost a quarter million dollars.

The American Dream is not dead! Don’t believe it, don’t get discouraged!

There is a house out there just waiting for you to love them.  Maybe they need some fixing up.  Maybe they need a lot of fixing up.  Look past the outdated kitchen cabinets, they can be repainted a beautiful color or pristine white.

Perhaps they’re too close to town or not far enough away from town. Whatever the case, we all start somewhere.

Here are some little houses that could.  They could be your American Dream come true with some tender loving care.  Some of them are all set to go.The American Dream -The Little Houses That CouldThis little Victorian that could be you American Dream is in Spokane, Washington for $89,900

Victorian on a Corner Lot

4 Bedrooms

New Roof and paint, high ceilings

Lush landscaping.Continue Reading

Beach House – California Dreamin In Ocean Blue & White

California Dreamin Beach House Decked Out In Ocean Blues & White

Beach house is California Dreamin in beautiful blues and innocent white giving a sense of purity inside.  This light and airy house is music to soothe the soul.

Twin dolphins splashing the shingled siding adorn the front of this beach house. Forever above the windows in love with one another.

Here’s a Cape Cod style beach house in always sunny California designed with all the finest materials.

Pl-en-ty of room for your sunglasses, bathing suit and sandals; four bedrooms and five bathrooms.

It has the most amazing open living area that spans from one end of the house to the other.

A little white picket fence in the front says welcome home.  Drive into one of the three garages, park your car and enjoy the ocean.

Get in a comfy chair, get ready to smile and let’s go California Dreamin! Beach House - California Dreamin In Ocean Blue & WhiteI’m dreaming of a beach house like this one with Dolphins splashing above my windows. Continue Reading

Rare Victorian Home For Sale Mt Pleasant SC

Southern Living Beauty Has Some Secrets Inside

This rare Victorian home for sale Mt Pleasant SC is a treat to see.  It’s not just another historic Victorian home either.  This one has deep double porches and triple hung windows from floor to ceiling.

I’ll show you some of her secrets like the original pot belly stove in the kitchen that has bead board cabinets.  There are six fireplaces including double fireplaces in the front parlor and living room/family room.

I am not sure how they keep a big old southern house in South Carolina like this cool in the summertime.

If you appreciate historic details, this is a must see.  If you don’t, you may like looking back at the architectural details to see where some of the modern glam began.

This Victorian home for sale Mt Pleasant SC has been around since 1860.  If only her walls could talk, we would have one heck of a home story I bet.

She’s a big ol’ Southern Living beauty. Rare Victorian Home For Sale Mt Pleasant SCAfter you climb the wide steps your knocking on a gleaming red door proudly displaying the home’s address.Continue Reading

Charming Farmhouse Is Not Too Big and Not Too Small

A charming Farmhouse on the market in Haddonfield NJ has me wishing I could buy it.  Let’s click our ruby slippers and say There’s No Place Like Home three times.

It’s not too big and not too small, and has a detail list too long to recall.

I mean it has a lot of bells and whistles for a charming Farmhouse.  Haddonfield, NJ has a historic preservation district so we may be visiting there again soon.

A bit pricey at $369,900 but that’s all relative to the area.  Three bedrooms and two baths and 1,297 square feet of enchantment.  Inside are plenty of white plantation shutters.  The fireplace is surrounded by built-in shelves.  Updated kitchen countertops with charming Farmhouse cabinets.

Sometimes when looking at houses on Housekaboodle, I take a practical attitude and sometimes not.  This charming Farmhouse would not be too hard to keep clean inside.  The backyard has a cute shed and the yard size looks manageable.

Charming Farmhouse Circa 1880 To Call HomeNice little front porch to decorate.  I like the front screen door with transom window, the iron gate and flowers hugging the house.

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