The Spanish Style Ranch That Started It All !!!

The Spanish Style Ranch That Started It All !!!

Besides being up high on a cliff with panoramic views this 1936 Spanish style ranch has interesting bones and historical bragging rights.

Designed by Cliff May who I am reading had mad influence in the design of California-style Spanish architecture. Plus, this sprawling Hacienda is one of “Southern California’s early pastoral ranches.”

It all started with a multimillionaire banker’s brother who had May build him a home. From then on his influence flourished. Cliff May is credited for Spanish style and California ranch styles.

Have a look at this 1930’s, kind of first family Spanish style ranch that started is all.

If you live in the area and want views “from the mountains to the sea” and a piece of history, this may be just the place for you.

Romantic old world charming touches. A center courtyard marries inside and outside living beautifully. House Hunters will like the meandering path down to the pool and mature landscaping.

The Spanish Style Ranch That Started It All !!!

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The Real-Life Ozzie and Harriet TV House

The Real-Life Ozzie and Harriet TV House

~The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet ~

The real-life house The Nelson family lived in was on the show for external TV shots as the fictional Nelson’s home. I did not know that!

The interior scenes for the show was a stage depicting the real-life interior of The Nelson’s home.

Some of the story lines for the show were taken from the family’s real life too.

I think The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet was the first and original reality show!

I can kind of remember watching The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet show on TV. I can hear Ozzie’s soft fatherly voice in my head like a familiar echo. I was not old enough to be boy crazy for Ricky Nelson, well maybe a little.

The iconic Nelson home’s address is 1822 Camino Palmero Street in Los Angeles.

The Real-Life Ozzie and Harriet TV House The famous Ozzie and Harriet home was built in 1910 and forever preserved in our minds and on film. It’s been beautifully updated. I read on AOL that:

Ozzie's wood paneled pub

“Ozzie’s wood-paneled pub is now a modern family room.”

Kitchen before remodel 1822 Camino Palmero St Los Angeles, CA

“As recent as 2013 the house still had the original kitchen layout as seen on the TV show.”

“Some historic features of the home were preserved.  The siding is new, but looks the same.”Continue Reading

Tourist Attractions: 8 Animal Shaped Buildings To Visit

Tourist Attractions: 8 Animal Shaped Buildings To Visit

Tourist Attractions of the unusual kind today. Here are 8 ingenious animal shaped buildings to visit on your travels. Have you seen any of these animal shaped buildings? One is actually a seashell house in Mexico. The 8 tourist attractions are:

A Shell House in Mexico, a dinosaur, blue whale, giant koala, a dog, large muskie, an elephant and a big duck.

Tourist Attractions:

1. The Big Duck building was declared by a radio station to be on the list of 7 wonders of Long Island, New York.

Call it the Big Duck or the Flanders Duck. Call it bizarre or call it the best marketing idea since Duck Soup. It is literally an architectural wonder now on the National Register of Historic Places since 1997. It was created as an advertisement by a duck farmer selling duck products for his Big Duck Ranch in Flanders, New York.

Today, it’s a gift shop and one of the wonders of Long Island.

Tourist Attractions: 7 Animal Shaped Buildings To VisitThe Big Duck is no ordinary ducky.  Now, any building shaped like its product is called a ‘duck’ so this paddle foot had mad influence in the world. Quack! Continue Reading

Hollywood Hills Three Layer Cake House

Three Layer Cake House Baked in Hollywood Hills

I’m in Hollywood Hills again with an unusual home that looks like a three layer cake house or house built on top of a concrete boat that’s in the ground.


I wonder how it came to be designed in layers back in 1968 or was it a remodel as time went on?

I like the modern middle layer and frosting on the top layer.

The main level has “open living and dining room with fireplace, kitchen, two baths, mater suite and guest room.

The second layer is the A-Frame house with another living room, fireplace, bar, library and bath.  This is the pool and lounge layer too and where views are of the ocean clear to the Santa Ana’s.

The third layer is the top of the A-Frame. There lies a private office, guest suite and balcony.

No word on what is in the curved like a boat-shaped bottom.  Possibly the garage or basement or both.

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Most Expensive House Is A Palace In Florida

What House Took Over Seven Years To Build? Le Palais Royal !

Come a take a tour of this 11 bedroom, 17 bath most expensive house that is a palace named Le Palais Royal.

That’s right, it’s the most expensive house in the US on the market today, but not the most expensive ever, or the most expensive in the world.


What’s this most expensive house that is a palace got?

To begin,

It has 7 water features:

1.On the ocean.

2. 465 feet on the beach.

3. Place to dock your yacht.

4. 6 waterfalls including a 26 foot fountain.

5. Plunge pool.

6. Infinity pool is 4,500 square feet with double loop slide.

7. Jacuzzi.

If you happen to be considering a palace then Le Palais Royal quite possibly is thee place to buy (of course I know your imaginary world has been searching for a palace).

But Sue your ask, does it have a 2 million dollar staircase, 22 karat gold leaf finishes and a music production room?  Yes, yes, and of course.

Plus, a putting green and an over 30-car garage Jay Leno could fill up to his heart’s content.

Most Expensive House Is A Palace In FloridaTwo years were dedicated to the completion of the gilded staircase.

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Sleepless In Seattle Houseboat on Lake Union

Famous Sleepless In Seattle Houseboat!

I have exciting news. The Sleepless in Seattle houseboat just sold!

It’s one of the most popular houseboats on Lake Union.  Iconic and forever famous for starring in the Sleepless In Seattle film.

An acquaintance who used to live near Lake Union said to buy a houseboat on Lake Union means to “get on a waiting list.”

Money talks.  Interested new owners likely had a nice greeting…right this way (my take) and now…

The keys to the famous houseboat where Meg Ryan stalked Tom Hanks were handed over for a little over 2 million per PSBJ

It was on the market in 2008 for 2.5 million. I briefly posted about it along with a few other houseboats in Houseboats in Seattle.

Designs have changed since 1993 when the film came out. The Sleepless in Seattle houseboat has been remodeled, but the exterior of the houseboat looks the same as it did in the movie.

Sleepless In Seattle Houseboat on Lake Union I have so many favorite scenes from the movie. Do you remember the one where Tom Hanks (Sam) had a scene with his real-life wife Rita Wilson?  She plays his sister Suzy in the movie.  Sam and Suzy’s husband hysterically mock Wilson (Suzy) for being emotional about the movie An Affair To Remember. Continue Reading

Painting The Dining Room Plus Build an Entryway

Painting The Dining Room Plus Build an Entryway

Painting The Dining Room Plus Build an Entryway is taking a long time.  We are getting restless.

This spring we set out to repaint the dining room.  I picked out the color and bought the paint.

We happened to see a how-to video about scraping popcorn ceilings that made it look easy. Since the dining room had a popcorn ceiling we really wanted to get rid of, suddenly we were removing it. It’s easy enough to do, but makes a huge mess you can see on Dining Room Project Step One is Painting.

So no painting got done.

And I’ve also shared we want to build an entryway.  Now that the front room is in shambles, it’s the perfect time for this little project.

So no painting got done..

I scoured Pinterest for inspiration.  I like to pin ideas on a Pinterest Secret Board to keep ideas handy.  We finally settled on the entryway idea below.  We started building and gathering materials, but nothing is solid yet.  A partial column lays on the floor. A few skeleton boards are attached on the ceiling and wall beckoning to be something.

It’s summer and mowing the grass, trimming trees and other fix it things got in the way.

So no entryway is built yet.

No painting either to the length of time I’ve clearly changed my mind on the color; Palladium Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Painting The Dining Room Plus Build an EntrywayI like what I like.  I still like this entryway idea, but I saw another design and my head got turned. Continue Reading

Restored Old House For Sale: Darling 1921 Cottage

Looking At An Eye-Popping Red Cottage in Florida

Look at this restored old house for sale that now looks brand new, but with all the charms of old world style.  Once your head stops reeling, soak up all the details about this darling Naples, Florida cottage.

It’s got an eye-popping red and white exterior accented by a bright blue awning, but wait until you get a load of the interior!

This restored old house for sale is hailed as “a prominent and rare opportunity to own a famed historic cottage in the heart of Old Naples.”

Everything has been updated and nothing looks old or outdated at all!

Plus, if you visit me often, one of my favorites; a one bedroom, one bathroom, vaulted wood-beamed ceiling, screened porch, full kitchen….Guest House!!

Well it’s not a completely restored old house. There’s a new pool pavillion with all the party necessities like an outdoor kitchen and island-style bar of course because this is beachy Florida peeps.

Restored Old House For Sale: Darling 1921 Cottage Gosh I love the look of this easy living beach style house.  Do you adore all the space and color on the walls like I do?  I especially like the heart in the hutch, all the shutters, and double french doors. Continue Reading