Planes Trains and Automobiles Best Thanksgiving Day Movie

"Planes, Trains and Automobiles" Best Thanksgiving Day Movie

Planes Trains and Automobiles is the best Thanksgiving Day movie ever! The comedy from 1987 stars Steve Martin as Neal and John Candy as Del Griffith. All Neal wants is to get home from New York to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving Day with his family. Neal meets and ends up traveling with Del who bumbles their every attempt to get home on time for Thanksgiving dinner.

The real house from the movie was for sale in 2012 for 1.799 million and is sold. Built in 1917 it has six bedrooms, four bathrooms, a library and a sunroom. It’s reminds us of the real Home Alone house that is just a few miles away and has a sunroom too.

Planes Trains and Automobiles Best Thanksgiving Day MovieThis is a photo of the house as seen for sale in 2012 from Curbed Chicago.

The real Colonial house from the Planes Trains and Automobiles movie is at 230 Oxford Rd Kenilworth, IL. It’s just one of the beautiful homes in the neighborhood.

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For Sale: Most Expensive Penthouse In Chicago

For Sale: Most Expensive Penthouse In Chicago

Chicago’s most expensive Penthouse now is this palace of a condo on prestigious Lake Shore Drive.  Here’s a glimpse of Chicago-style opulent living.

Introduced by the listing agent as “the most magnificent Penthouse in the city. and “you’ve never see anything like this/” So we have to see it too.

It’s a big boy with 5 bedrooms, 5.1 baths and a whopping 7,662 square feet of city living space.

I know some readers who love big city life, so this is for you and cottage country lovers, here’s a peep at the other side of town. This Penthouse in Chicago has 13 rooms and the details looks like 6 terraces, but I can’t be sure.

If you have a crazy amount of money and want to live the life of luxury this is it.

189 East LAKE SHORE Drive Unit PH18-20

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Our DIY Project To Build An Entryway

Our DIY Project To Build An Entryway

Our DIY project to build an entryway is done.  Welcome to my messy house. I am excited to show you a few photos of the not quite done yet entryway we custom-built.

If you’re new here or follow me, this DIY project started as a repaint the dining room idea. Like a lot of ideas this project grew bigger to the point that we have not painted the dining room yet. We removed our textured ceiling and that put a hold on the painting. Then we decided to build a foyer or entryway and started brainstorming on the how-to and design.

I’m really excited to see how the paint color, Benjamin Moore Palladium Blue looks that I first posted about back in May.  Jeez this project has taken a long time. It’s not just me that does this is it?  Good, not just me.

I left off with you when we had the column built and had attached the transom window and we still had not built the lower half wall.

Our DIY Project To Build An Entryway

Our DIY Project To Build An EntrywayBare bones beginnings heading towards becoming recessed cabinet and column.

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Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon

Haunted Places in Illinois. Do you believe in ghosts?  What real haunted houses or haunted places like a bridge or cemetery have you visited this year.  I get chills up my spine and fear in my heart just hearing about all the haunts every October.

Here are three Haunted Places in Illinois.

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural PhenomenonHaunted Places in Illinois 1. The Stickney Mansion.

Read all the spooky details about the Stickney Mansion here. In a nutshell Mr. Stickney had a big belief in the spirit world and held a lot of seances with his family on the second floor ballroom. He built his home with no corners so spirits could roam and not get caught in corners. No 90 degree angles can be found between any walls.

Stickney and his wife had 10 children, but only 3 lived. I think they held seances as a way to contact the children they lost.  The mansion is now a police station. Two policemen have quit their jobs because of spooky events like hearing noises and footsteps coming from the old ballroom seance room.  Yipes! Click to read the whole story here.

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon Haunted Places in Illinois 2. Allerton Mansion.

The mansion has a prim and proper woman dressed in white who haunts the house and grounds.  She is seen putting on her hat and gloves and walking in the garden. Creepily, everyone who stays there hears footsteps pacing outside their door and when they check there is nothing there.

Haunted Places in Illinois with Supernatural Phenomenon Haunted Places in Illinois 3. Hotel Baker.

Hotel Baker in St. Charles, IL is where Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg were married this year. Jenny McCarthy’s roots are in Chicago. Wonder if she told Donnie Hotel Baker is haunted?

Reports are of strange moaning sounds coming from the sixth floor storage area where employees used to stay. The tale is that in the 1970s a hotel chambermaid who was left at the alter committed suicide by drowning herself in the Fox River the hotel borders.

There are a lot of weddings at Hotel Baker. I’ve attended two weddings there and love their famous floor that lights up like a rainbow.


black scaredy cat

More Haunted Houses to see before you go are:

Villisca Ax Murder House Haunted by Evil

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Sources: Haunted Places dot org and Scout me


Pretty Purple Victorian Painted Lady

Pretty Purple Victorian Painted Lady

Pretty Purple Painted Lady in Napa, California is a Victorian blast from the past. Plus, it’s purple and as such is well-known in the Napa area.  A bit pricey, but it’s Napa, so $1,275,000 please. Fun Coldwell Banker details suggest this Victorian Painted Lady is a trip to the past. Entrance has pink iron gate.…Continue Reading