Recycled Cabin from an Old Barn costed $500

Recycled cabin was built from an old barn and many old windows costed a couple $500 to build.  Artists Nick Olsen and Lilah Horwitz hand-built their cabin in the mountains of West Virginia.

The whole front of the recycled cabin from the top to the bottom is a collection of salvaged windows.  It’s an architectural wonder in my humble opinion.  Proof of what the human spirit can do when given freedom of expression.  A wonderful sight to behold that I wanted to share.

This is the documentary about their hand-built cabin.  It is a soothing and inspirational short film.

Now, I want to find all the windows I can and build a house in the woods.

Featured on the Mother Nature Network by Matt Hickman an Eco-living blogger.

Recycled Cabin from an Old Barn costed $500

Some of the windows are doors laid on the side.  Each window has a story behind it for the owners.

Enjoy this documentary by Matt Hickman.  Oh, did I mention the cost was $500; imagine what you could do with $1000.

That’s it, just a short post today.  Hope you like the recycled cabin and story behind it as much as I do.

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