Turquoise Barbie House

Turquoise Barbie House, Turquoise Cloud: How nice to be floating up there, bobbing along in tranquil skies, somewhere….on a turquoise cloud.

Have you ever made up a house and all of its contents inside your head before, like your dram house?  Take a tour in this pretend turquoise and white house put together just for the fun of it.

I love turquoise as you probably guessed by my blog colors so a house that is turquoise inside and out is what is being shown here today.  Along with the turquoise Barbie house, I am showing a turquoise kitchen.  A wonderful eat-in area that is my favorite.  Turquoise furniture like the ottoman and a crescent-shaped chair and vanities.  A bright looking office, sun room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and porches.  There are some great inspirational color decorating ideas to see too.

Turquoise Barbie House The house exterior is turquoise as is everything inside of it; pretending of course!  This is my big girl Turquoise Barbie house where Barbie is OCD for turquoise.

turquoise Turquoise Barbie house heaven.  You might guess that I like this color by my blog color.

turquoise The perfect turquoise ottoman to sit upon.

turquoise Looking around…. the pillows and rattan table, rug,and shades make a beach statement, and not to be ignored color block drapes.

turquoise Turquoise Barbie House dreamy chair.

turquoise Crescent-shaped chair with a killer flower accent pillow upon tan and turquoise rug.

turquoise Big and tall turquoise colored kitchen cabinets.  If  you like or want to see colored kitchen cabinets, see my post here.

turquoise Crushingly gorgeous, simply divine place to dine that I can never get out of my mind.  By Terry Pommett Photography.

turquoise Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest turquoise Barbie house of them all.

turquoise Bright and happy office that makes me want to redo mine just like it.

turquoise Custom lamp and shade in the corner match the bedding, plus the bed frame painted in turquoise blends against the wall and accents at the foot-board.

turquoise Turquoise Barbie house bedroom makes a Big impact.  Look at the smaller details before you scroll down; the mirrored side table and, the small lamp in the foreground.

turquoise Turquoise vanity makes me speechless.  This is from my Pinterest Vanity Board.

Lush turquoise vanity Luscious with black accent, especially the lamp shades and chandelier.  Also from my Pinterest Vanity Board.

turquoise Turquoise and white bathroom.

turquoise This is wallpaper, believe it or not.

turquoise Aqua ceiling, aqua floor, aqua, aqua, I adore!


Turquoise sun room image Built-in bench seating.

turquoise Turquoise and yellow shades in this sun room are perfect!  Now I want to redo my whole house in this color.   This Turquoise Barbie House turned out well, hope you like it!

December Birthstone poem – the Turquoise

“If cold December gave you birth
The month of snow and ice and mirth
Place on your hand a turquoise blue
Success will bless whate’er you do.”

credit Terry Pommett Photography for dining room photo.

See my post Dollhouse for an interesting house style surprise.

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  1. I absolutely love this house to death. I love the dining room alot and the turquoise bed