Victorian Home Accented In Purple For Sale In New York

Victorian Home is green accented with purple.  I thought you would like to see this colorful Victorian painted lady.  She’s a classic built in 1890 with five bedrooms and three bathrooms, but only $150,000.  The exterior painted in purple makes this Victorian home stand out.  I liked the purple front door and purple gingerbread trim.

She has a new modern kitchen, but retains original woodwork like the ornate stairway banister that old house enthusiast appreciate.  And the windows; new houses just can’t compete with Victorian home windows.  I often think if I could build any house style I wanted I might choose Victorian for all her attributes like this one with wrap around porch and endless display of window styles.

Victorian Home Accented In Purple For Sale In New York Would you like to come home to this purple and white front door not to mention the purple steps?

Victorian home for sale On closer inspection, the front door is purple, white, and green. 

Victorian home with wrap around porch Victorian home painted lady Love the wrap around porch and unique gingerbread trim.

Victorian home new modern kitchen I agree, an updated kitchen is so nice to have while enjoying an old Victorian house life style.

Victorian home leaded glass window

Victorian home leaded glass windows Victorian leaded glass historic era window shapes and styles.

Victorian home stairway banister Original woodwork includes this ornately carved stairway banister.

Victorian home bathroom Perfect color combination painted in the bathroom.

Victorian home for sale $150,000 Like this classic Victorian and want to see more?  I found this lovely lady on Zillow with an MLS listing by Coldwell Banker.  The house listed for sale in Johnstown New York is in fantastic shape for being an old girl from the 1800s.

Glendale California Landmark house Head over to Historic Victorian House Show to see a parade of Victorian houses or

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